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Topsy is back:

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Our Gorgeous Topsy
Our Gorgeous Topsy

Remember our beautiful little Hereford calf Topsy?
Topsy would sleep beside the van on the “patio” every night.
Well, when we moved her over to the paddock behind Shannon’s place and put her in with T-Bone, she wouldn’t come anywhere near us.
When we tried calling Topsy she’d put her head up and take a couple of steps towards us but T-Bone would go between her and us stopping her from coming any closer. Protecting her maybe?

Now don’t get me wrong we appreciated the fact that she was safe from dogs and other animals while around T-Bone, but we did miss giving her a pat or cuddle. And as her coat changed to the more fluffy winter coat we would have liked to rub our hands down the softness of her neck.
With T-Bone now gone we tried again to see if she remembered us.
Slowly walking towards Topsy with a nice handful of hay we softly spoke to her encouraging her to stay. She was a bit hesitant at first, jumpy at every noise but the hay being offered was too strong a deterrent and she came towards us for the food.

Once there we were able to finally give her a pat and be able to stroke her soft neck. Her whole body seems to give in and relax. She used to like the rub downs that we would give her using a horse brush, often nudging our hand if we stopped to let us know she wanted more.
Shannon had been watching from the workshop and told us later he was very surprised she let us pat her as he thought we had been apart too long. He was even more surprised when she sat down at our feet and started to chew her cud, meaning she was at total ease with us.

We now go back every few days to give her a pat. We don’t take food as we don’t want that to be the only reason to come to us. She is still beautiful and has a wonderful nature. We are learning that every cow has its own personality, some are sweet like Topsy, some psychotic-like T-Bone, and some are just plain cranky but they’re not all the same.


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