A proud heritage still going.

Twin Hills is the property next door. They have a proud heritage going back to 1925 when they held dances and other events on the property. One of the events is the yearly country races, rodeo, camp draft, and gymkhana set over four days.

The counrty races have just as much excitment as the city races.

But pity the race caller trying to figure out who’s who with all the dust.

The earthmovers finished early

Because of the race day the earthmovers finished early on the Friday and we headed down the road. I love the races and the race fashions, and the Twin Hills races didn’t disappoint.

Tim and Alison, the owners of “Disney” and their lovely daughters sponsered a race, the “Disney Steaks”. We thought that it was an apppropiate name.

The Kirkwoods sponsoring a races

The Kirkwood family

Some of the team stayed for the rodeo and dancing while others came home after the races to enjoy the evening at home.

With a late start or the day off Saturday it turned out a very relaxing weekend.

Some of the earth movers

From left: Farren holding Bailey, Ann-Mare, Billy, Baldy (Greg), Jimmy, Kerrie and Chris