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Waratah and other places.

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The old post office in Waratah during snow (Photo is by @mostly.nature)

Chris gives a wonderful view of Waratah (don’t miss reading his tale). But I’m also fascinated in the fact that it snows here. In fact the last time it snowed was 27th Dec 2010. Summer! When you are walking around in short sleeves and it’s hot, it hard to imagine. As is the case in Tassie all of a sudden a cloud will roll in from no where and the temp drops. They have winds here of 150kph. which they say “cuts you to your bones”. The caravan park amenities supports this. They are round concrete water tanks divided in half each with a shower and toilet. No “Men’s & Ladies” here, you can use any of the 3. Just remember to lock the vacant catch or like me, you will walk in on someone sitting on the loo. They are completly sealed and have a heater on the wall which makes showering very pleasant. Thank goodness in Tassis so far all bathrooms are very warm.

A pleasant surprise here as well is the FREE washing machine and dryer. Only one of each but everyone is happy to wait their turn.

So far the campers have told us they have had snow in Derwent Bridge 191km further south. One Hervey Bay camper was just as excited as me about snow and was out “dancing in it” she told me. She said her in-laws weren’t impressed, but as they all came from England it wasn’t new to them. I want to stay here now until I see snow falling around me. Then I can mark that off my “Bucket List” and head for warmer abodes.

The little van stays very warm. The wind is howling outside but inside the heater is on and it’s snug as a bug. It’s just that last trip to the bathroom at night to clean the teeth, this is when I miss the queen size bed and my “Electric Blanket” of Chris lying there having already warmed the bed sheets. Oh well, get out the old bed socks.

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