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In Burnie and we finally buy a much needed accessory

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I wanted to put set of roof racks and a roof “basket” on the Nissan before leaving Brisbane but decided against it. However one of the few frustrations of the journey has been the constant pulling out of stuff from the ute every time we need something.

I think I’ve reorganized the tray at least 10 times since leaving. I put something at the bottom because I think it won’t be used and then, you guessed it, that’s the next thing we need.

The roof racks have been high on the list for a few weeks now.

We were driving through Burnie today when we saw a Nissan like ours with perfectly fitting roof racks so I followed the guy and stopped him and asked about them.

He told me what to get and what not to get and where to get them, just around the corner from where we were in fact.
So we decided to finally get them.

They were easy to install and the basket rack allowed us to put the tent up there (which we haven’t used yet but takes up heaps of room), the annex sides which we only use when we stop for a week, the clothes line (which is an awkward dammed thing) , the spade (likewise – awkward) and the ensuite.

The new Nissan Roofracks

The new Nissan Roofracks

We also bought two 20lt water containers as we run out of water if we free camp more than 2 days.

This has freed up the room not only in the ute tray but in the van also when we are travelling, meaning we don’t have to step over stuff just to make coffee if we stop on the side of the road.

So happy we did it.

We also re wired the new TV aerial and can get all available channels crystal clear.
It was good that we could get TV so well and Kerrie could watch her favourite program – Bones – I HATE Bones.

I cuddled up into the oh so warm bed and listened to Chuck Missler teaching on “The Easter Story – What really happened” on the iPod.

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