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We part company temporarily

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We decided to go back to hobart to as we are still unable to get the fridge going on gas.

This is essential for free camping as it is an old 2way and doesn’t have 12 volt.

The thermostat appears to be the problem.

We ‘ve also developed a leak in the water tank which needs attention.

We also need to pick up the new Honds 2.00kva generator we have bought and shipped from Melbourne, (there were none available anywhere in Tassie), and we also need to pick up the Telstra mobile phone arial we have orderd.

Barry and Christine are going down to Snug until Monday when they also will return to Hobart to exchange the Motorhome for a hire car before meeting up with us again on Bruny Island on Monday night or Tueday morning.

We decided to stayat the Hobart showgrounds, cheap and a but rugged but quite acceptable, and of course right in Hobart.

The drive back over previously travelled ground was just as pretty as the first time and we saw many places where we would like to stop for a while.

It was good to get the van cleaned up and reorganized as most of the places we need to go are closed till monday.

We did buy and fit the long planned for adjustbable arm for the TV/Spare monitor and that works very well.

An early night for me but a rude awakening to an excrutiatingly painful cramp in both thighs.

I think it was a result of so much walking over boulders etc at Cockle Creek and using muscles that had long been laying dormant.

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