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Well we’re not dead yet, but feel like it.

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We sleep most of the day.

We sleep most of the day.

The cold turned into the flu officially. We managed to visit a doctor in Melton to confirm our fears. Poor Chris has been hit the hardest.

With still delicate ribs from his dumperster diving, having a coughing fit sends his pain threshold skyward. Add that to delivering the third of the Kidney stones. (we assume due to the blood & pain) and we both look like the living dead.
We come out of hiding to walk to the toilet then head back to our little home to pass out for another couple of hours. The weather here is miserable with rain everyday and temp in the low double figures to single figures. Our little heater goes 24/7 at the moment.
When Chris is conscious he is getting a lot of work done on the web. This has proved a valuable time for getting the finer details organised. On the other hand we are still working out the Uni problems, but that is proving an upward battle. We have now visited them 3 times with another visit scheduled tomorrow trying to obtain information that other Uni’s take for granted. Everyone we speak to says they’ll have to talk to someone else to get that bit of information Ahhhhhh! ACU’s not looking to bad after all.
The sooner we an get this information we might be able to stay somewhere that is warmer, then send the information back to the company. We can only hope.


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