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We’re in Tassie

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Well, we made it. We are in Tasmania. Goodbye Melbourne – We love you! We left at 5.15 am this morning to drive to the port. Didn’t want to be late, flat tyre or traffic, anything to delay it. We have waited for this day for a while. Had breakfast at the port watching the Spirit of Tasmania 2 unload its night run. Then it was our go. We had a customs check under the bonnet, in the ute and in the van. No fruit & veg, extra gas bottles or weapons (they give the gas bottles and weapons back after you arrive). Drove onto the ship and then went and explored our surroundings. Got underway on time and travelled across the bay taking in all the sights of the Mornington Peninsular, Portsea and Sorrento on the left and Queenscliffe and Swan Island on the right. Passing Mud Islands I couldn’t help but think about Barry and the happy hours spent with him on “Ruff e Nuff”, (his boat), around our own Queensland Mud Island.

Passing Point Lonsdale caused the dashing of many expectations of the passengers, including Kerrie, who thought a couple of hours just past crossing Port Phillip bay was what the whole trip would be like. Within minutes, as Point Lonsdale passed to the Starboard Quarter the ship hit the open ocean of Bass Strait! With the wind at a brisk 30 knots, this meant the motion, although not bad at all since the swell was only about 3 metres, was enough to bring half the ship’s passengers to their knees. What a calamity!

Spew bags were frantically being called for and the crew must have distributed a pallet load of them. They were lining up to get seasick tablets and the nurses were run off their feet. My darling started to feel it as well. Although supremely confident in the seasick bands that her mother gave her she made her way down from the top deck with its panoramic views, down to the lower deck where, according to her, there was less movement. Although feeling “on the edge” for most of the trip across the Bass Strait she never was actually sick even though all around her most people had their green-coloured faces stuck inside spew bags. I thought it was a great trip across and made the most of the now almost empty space on the 10th deck. By the time we caught our first glimpse of Tasmania, (probably Stanley and Three Hummock Island), Kerrie was back to normal and we enjoyed the trip in, marvelling at the rugged and beautiful coastline.

Docking in Davenport allowed us a birds-eye view of the city and apart from the biting cold, it was beautiful. Off the ship, through Quarantine, and then straight to the van park to set up for the next 2 days in Davenport to collect our thoughts and plan the next unspecified period we’ll spend travelling Tassie. After just 15 minutes to set up the van we had a lovely dinner of savoury mince on toast, a glass of red wine, and watched the Good Wife on telly. Although very cold outside the little home that we’ve grown to love was warm cosy and comfortable. The bed was blissfully comfortable and a deep sleep coincided with our heads hitting the pillow.

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