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We’ve been playin’ with the Blog again!

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We’ve added a couple of extra touches to the Blog that we’ve wanted to include for a while.

We’ve added a new header which allows us to use 7 separate header images and have them rotate each time the site is opened. To see the headers just click the refresh button on your browser and as the Blog refreshes a new header will display.

The selection is random so you may have to refresh more than 7 times to see all images but each time you visit there will be a different one. We’ll periodically replace these 7 with new ones to keep the whole thing fresh.

We’ve also placed a “Featured Video” on the right side and this will preview some of the videos we include in the Blog.

Kerrie’s comment was, “Now Barry’ll make us do extra videos as well!”

We’ve even added a new icon to the browser tab and the site address in the browser’s address bar.

Also when you click the button on a heading for any of the posts, and you are taken to the page where the full post appears, a different header will display and this header will be one that’s relevant to the post.

Yet another addition is the “Tags” section to the right of the page.

Also remember the “Archives” section on the right side. When you select a month from the drop down list here a page will open showing all posts for that month.

This is a collection of the tags we use on each post and by clicking on them a page will open that will group all posts with that tag. The larger the text in this tag section the more posts there are relating to it.

The "Tags" section to the right of the page. Click on a tag to see all posts with that tag.

The “Tags” section to the right of the page. Click on a tag to see all posts with that tag.

Further to all this Kerrie has added many more photos to the Image Gallery and she’ll keep doing that. This is a big job since just on the Coober Pedy leg of the adventure she took over 600 photos. Each one has to be examined, resized, named and captioned and uploaded so it’s a real task. She also absolutely loves looking at the photos and it’s lovely to see her smiling to herself as she remembers the experiences related to each one. This also adds to the time it takes.

Kerrie seems to spend each waking minute smiling lately. She seems to be so happy and contented. She’s always remembering places and situations as well as looking forward to the next phase. Even a nagging recurring back pain doesn’t seem to interfere with her contentment, though I believe it’s her courage, determination and faith that simply won’t allow it to.

We hope you all like the new features and don’t forget you can comment on the blog by registering. You must register to comment. We did this because we were getting 50 or so spam comments per day.

These are people, mostly Asian, who comment dribble on a site’s comment section. Within the dribble is a web site link included with the hope that the blog’s readers will click on the link, buy something and then they’ll get a commission. The links are usually to sites that sell something useless, or Viagra, or porn sites.

We wouldn’t mind if they were making genuine comments and their sites had something worthwhile to offer but, like most spam, this is never the case.

By the way we’ve updated the Events Calendar to include the timeline for the Alice Springs Job with Gerry and Corinne of Sandrifter.

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