We’ve loved having Fiona here

Since the day Fiona arrived to help us run the Koramba Camp we’ve had the most enjoyable time with her infectious bubbly, positive and happy disposition.

She’s not only taken on every job we’ve asked her but she’s completed tasks,  jobs, repairs and improvements herself as she’s identified the need.

This has made our job much easier and of course more enjoyable with the constant joking and laughing and the overall contentedness with the situation the three of us are together in.

Kerrie, who loves to talk (and talk, and talk) has been in her glory with Fiona here as most of the time a sort of cackle ceaselessly emanates from the kitchen and mess room when they are together.

Kerrie phoned me while I was in Brisbane in tears of laughter as she expounded the details of when Fiona decided to mow the grass with the zero turn ride-on mower. She hadn’t operated one of these before and Kerrie was in fits as she demolished fence posts, spun round in circles and screamed as her boobs got tangled in the steering handles. After a while in the wide open area she became an expert at it.

She discovered one night that the transition from a queen sized bed to a single bed can take a bit of getting used to when she rolled over during the night only to run out of bed real estate and roll straight onto the floor.

It’s a must when in these parts to try a works hamburger from the general store in Talwood, easily the best burger we’ve ever had, so it was off to Talwood to expose Fiona to this marvellous experience. She had on her Sunday best city gear for the event (hey, small things are big out here) and we parked at the Talwood park under the shade of a tree to consume our gigantic burgers.

The meal was interrupted with a string of curses and exclamations from the back seat as her best blouse became plastered with sauce, eggs and bits of vegetation from the dripping burger.

Another hour was spent laughing at both the mess in the back seat and the constant harassment toward Kerrie and her new “Fit Bit”.

Kerrie LOVES her new Fit Bit, or “Fut But” as it pronounced in Fiona’s Kiwi accent.

It tells her how many steps she’s walked, how she slept, heart rate amongst a host of other information. So, of course, we now get this moment by moment commentary about everything the Fut But is telling her.

Fiona is relentless in her comments on the “Bloody Fut But” but you can imagine the comments when Kerrie announced that it even vibrates!

The residents seem to have taken to Fiona much the same as they’ve taken to Kerrie, regarding them both as “Away from home Mums”.

The down side of Fiona being here is that she soon must leave and we are both going to miss her very much. We are unable to say exactly when this will be as tomorrow Kerrie and I will drive to Brisbane for the final analysis of all the tests and biopsies I’ve had.

This weekend will determine our future at Koramba and will also influence what happens from here on with Fiona. Martyn will also know where he stands with staffing of the camp.

It’s a big call for us all!

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