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What a place!

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The night was quite cold which was great because it made for a cosy night tucked up warm in bed, so cosy in fact that I didn’t emerge from this comfortable cacoon till about 8:30.

The sun was bright and warm and a few people had drifted into the picnic area beside the lake. The little caravan community around us was alive with the sounds and smells of people making breakfast and someone was listening to the radio, a very middle of the road variety of music that actually enhanced the atmosphere rather than an annoyance.

I had decided to sort out and cull the tangle of USB adaptors and cord I was storing since it was a pain to find the right one in a hurry and yes you guessed it, one of the ones I turfed out was a vital one for the mobile phone.

We decided to take the 17 km trip into Armidale to get a new one and have a look around.

The town centre of Armidale is very pretty and was quite busy considering it was Saturday, and we enjoyed a walk through the malls and around the shops.

We quickly got the impression of a prosperous, clean and friendly city and decided we would enjoy our stay here.

The Amidale Mall

The Amidale Mall

On returning to the Dam we met a few of our neighbours.

The closest are a couple living in a Mercedes Camper.
They are extremely well set up and they travel mainly around waterways towing their
16ft trailer sailer. They also write articles, mainly for Trailer Boat magazine.
John was busy taking some of the local aboriginals and other picnickers for
rides around the lake in yacht.

John's 16 footer moored at Dumeresq Dam

John’s 16 footer moored at Dumeresq Dam

Roscoe has lived permanently on the road for 5 years and has no intention of stopping.
He travels by a strict set of rules – South in summer, North in winter – that’s it!

He’s a hive of information on places and bits and pieces that relate to living on the road and is nice to talk to. He’s also going in roughly the same direction as us.

We think we’ll stay here over Christmas, till about the 10th January, and head to either the Dungowan showgrounds or to Hanging Rock just out of Dungowan.

Dungowan is only about 20 minutes from Tamworth and Ian (Skippy) Skipworth and Leslie will be there for the Tamworth music festival starting 20th January. They’ll be staying at the showgrounds. Hanging Rock is free and we’ve heard it’s very nice, similar to this place at Dumaresq Dam, although it’s about an hour from Tamworth.

Either way we’ll look forward to catching up with Ian and Leslie.

The afternoon is turning into evening.

Picture the scene!

The sun is low in the sky but still casting its warming rays over the little Grey Nomad community temporarily sharing the peace and tranquillity of the Dumaresq Dam.

The few families that were picnicking for the day have packed up and gone and the lake is still and blue with the occasional ripple from the zephyr of a breeze spreading like a gentle blanket silk blanket laid across the lake.

The late sun is picking out shades of green that only this particular angle can highlight and the breeze is causing those colours to change as it sways the limbs of the trees slightly.

Our closest neighbours, two purple chested Wood Hens, peck around the Aussie Wide for food not caring about the proximity of humans one little bit.

The owners of the caravan in the centre of the community have a large fire gong and are sitting around it with a few other Nomads playing a guitar and singing. The voices slightly raised in song and the melodious country style guitar music adds another magical dimension to the site.

Some of the inhabitant’s are sitting outside, like us, soaking up the idyllic scene, some with a glass of wine others just content to gaze over the lake at the changing colours as the sun sets over hills to the west.

There is a definite crispness to the air reminding us that we are still 1100 metres above sea level and the birds are making a hundred different calls seemingly in a last communication before sunset and sleep.

The scene couldn’t be better if it was scripted for a movie set.

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