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Why do we Blog?

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Why do we Blog?

We ask ourselves this question from time to time.

Who reads it anyway, and why?

We can’t answer those questions but the number of times people have commented that “I saw that on your blog” or  “It’s been a while since you wrote on the blog” keeps us writing about some of the things we do.

Blogging’s time-consuming, that’s for sure, but even if no one at all reads it – we read it.

I’ve always kept a journal of our family holidays and those books are sitting in a packing box somewhere in the storage shed.
The blog is a lot easier to read than paper journals and it’s wonderful to reminisce and appreciate the memories in the images and the old journals never quite capture that. I’m sure there is a snapshot somewhere in an old photo album of the kids fishing or swimming in a creek but I can’t find it.

Between us, Chris and I have 7 kids, daughters-in-law, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and friends, most of whom keep up with us via the blog.

The blog’s changed appearance a few times with different layouts and features added and it’s all been great practice for me to be involved and learn some new skills such as basic web design, HTML and CSS.

So behind the scenes, I’ve built this.
There was no great rush, I could work out problems by myself which is always the best way to learn. And if the blog site went down because of a mistake I made, it was no big deal. There was no pressure.

So whether anyone reads the blog or not we’ll continue to write it, even if it ends up just continuing to bring back memories for us in our old age.


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