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Work, work, work

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For the last 2 days we have been catching up with work. Chris is also developing a program to show David (the farmer) because with all the technology on the farm, David still keeps his book work on paper and blackboards.

The blackboard of information.

The blackboard of information.

He even said he doesn’t know what he would do if someone rubbed off the blackboard. This was of course, a red rag to a bull with Chris. David has 3 nephews who are associated with the farm after a tragic shooting accident took his brother (also his business partner). He has everything in his head  and he knows he needs to get everything he has learned into a format that can be passed along to the next generation.

Horsham is a wonderful city set in the Wimmera district. It has all the shops you need (visited most of them) with about 18,000 people. It’s easy to get around and being flat, is a great place to cycle or walk. We had Gayle and Andrew over for dinner last night so they could check out the van. Andrew said that the Wimmera river that we are camped beside has only been full since the flood. It had gotten so dry that they had walked along the river bed to the weir. This old road had been uncovered during the drought.

Old river crossing.

Old river crossing.

They then had their 1 in 200 year flood that has brought new life to the once barren river banks. So again we are seeing the area at it’s best, without the floods, mice and locust plagues of last year.

We are seeing the river it at it's best.

We are seeing the river it at it’s best.


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