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Working on the road has so many advantages.

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Great to see the ocean

Always Something Happening

When working on the road, there’s always something new to do.
With our days off this July, this was the case. We had work to catch up with, but we also wanted to explore.
So we set aside two days for sightseeing. We headed north for 2 ½ hr to Charters Towers, a town we hadn’t been to before.
Charters Towers is a busy centre on the Flinders Hwy which crosses Qld from east to west from Townsville to Cloncurry. It then meets the Barkly Hwy to the Northern Territory border.

Trucks, locals and the ever-moving grey nomads keep this place busy. Now a town’s size can be determined by what facilities are available. By facilities, I mean does it have a “Mcdonald’s”?
Charters have a McDonalds, Subway, Red Rooster and Woolworths. So, to us, this means it’s a “bigger town”.
After a drive around and a visit to McDonald’s we then proceeded east for 1½ hrs to Townsville.

I remember Townsville being a busy city 20 odd years ago. The esplanade was a hive of activity, and you couldn’t get a park close by.
This time around you could have shot a gun down the street and not hit a soul. A lot of the buildings were vacant or for lease. After the floods at the beginning of the year, it appeared the city was struggling.
I guess all towns and cities change during economic cycles.

Great To See The Ocean

On the positive side, it was great to see the ocean.
The colours of the sea never disappoint.
We booked into the casino for the night overlooking Magnetic Island and the harbour. Once sorted, we headed out for the usual sightseeing.
A drive up to Castle Hill was a must and what surprised us the most was how many people use this track as an exercise path. From the young to…well older than us, walking, running and cycling up and down the road as well as the other walking tracks. We even saw a storm come and in and enjoyed the heavy rainfall.

Always The Shops

One thing about heading into a city from a small country town is there’s always a list of shops that you need to visit.

Chris wanted to purchase a slow cooker for the up-and-coming cooler months.
We’ve never worried about a slow cooker before but so many people recommend them we thought we’d give it a go.
There were many hot soups, casseroles, and slow-cooked meat recipes that Chris wanted to try.
Neither of us is into “gadgets” (I used to be, but living in a caravan cured that fantasy) but Kmart had one for $19 so if it was useless, it wasn’t an expensive trial.

(Update info on the slow cooker: Wouldn’t cook corned beef any other way now, “Pulled pork” has become a hit and the soups are to die for.)

Clothes and Hair A Priority

I needed to purchase an outfit for an upcoming wedding and desperately needed a haircut. I left Chris with a coffee and proceeded to go into EVERY shop.

I don't get it, wouldn't it be easier to buy it at the first store?

I’ll admit… the outfit I purchased was from the first shop I went into…but you never know I could have found something else, couldn’t I?
It’s a women’s thing, men get frustrated at us going from store to store and we get frustrated at them going “This is it” at the first store.

Dining out and endless showers

Our last stop of the day was dinner at the NQ Cowboys.
It was a friendly club and the meal was delicious.

Back at our unit, we both relished the bathroom with a soak in the tub followed by the choice of a rainwater showerhead or an invigorating handheld showerhead.
Aahh the bliss!
All of this while watching the tv and looking at the view of Magnetic Island – life can’t get better.

Chris doesn’t get it!


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